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User Rating: 9
  • 1800 naRaama matochi
  • 12+ hours on a single charge
  • Modern and durable design
  • Ergonomic body for comfortable use
  • Adjustable mouth-to-lung draw with airflow slider
  • Easy and mess-free refill system
  • Long-lasting pods
  • Sub-ohm coils deliver great flavor
  • Reasonable price range ($30-$40)
  • Occasional e-juice leakage from mouthpiece
  • No advanced mode features
Basa - 9
Hunhu uye Dhizaini - 9
Zviri nyore Kushandisa - 9
Kuita - 9
Mutengo - 9
VooPoo Argus E40


1. ziviso

Meet the VooPoo Argus E40, a vape that promises a blend of durability, functionality, and style. Aimed at both newcomers and seasoned vapers, this device features a robust 1800 mAh battery housed within a sleek, user-friendly design. Let’s explore the features and performance of the Argus E40 to see if it lives up to expectations

2. Package Chinyorwa

When you purchase the VooPoo Argus E40 starter kit, you will receive the following:

VooPoo Argus E40

  • 1 x Argus E40 Device (1800 mAh Battery Included)
  • 1 x Argus E40 0.3-ohm Cartridge (4.5 mL)
  • 1 x Argus E40 0.6-ohm Cartridge (4.5 mL)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Type C tambo

3. Dhizaini & Hunhu

The VooPoo Argus E40 pod system sports a split design, featuring a plastic front plate with a decorative diagonal design, the VooPoo and Argus branding, and a large screen. The screen itself displays the battery level, wattage, number of puffs, and resistance of the installed pod. The sides and back are constructed from thick metal. The gradient coloring and subtle shimmer give it a sleek and stylish look. An interesting industrial design feature is the transparent window on the back, allowing you to see some of the device’s internal components. and lending an industrial

VooPoo Argus E40On the functionality front, the Argus E40 includes a sturdy metal airflow slider on the left side for precise vaping adjustments, while the activation button is conveniently located on the right side for easy access.


The base of the device is covered in a soft rubberized material, ensuring quiet placements and protection of surfaces. It also features a USB Type-C port at the bottom for fast and efficient charging.

3.1 Pod Dhizaini

The pods for the VooPoo Argus E40 hold a substantial 4.5 ml of e-juice, allowing you to vape longer between refills and cut down on the annoyance of constant top-ups. Refilling is straightforward and tidy with the side refill port. It features a silicone cover that you simply pull back to access the chamber. To refill, just flip the pod upside down and angle your e-juice nozzle into the port – this approach helps keep refills mess-free.

VooPoo Argus E40

The mouthpiece is crafted from tinted, smooth polycarbonate plastic with a tapered shape. As for the coils, you have options of either 0.3-ohm or 0.6-ohm pods, both of which are excellent for producing rich flavors and impressive clouds.

3.2 Does the VooPoo Argus E40 leak?

We didn’t note any leakage during the testing of the Argus E40. The bottom of the pod and interior of the vape remained 100% dry, even after multiple refills. If you refill the pods at the right angle, you can avoid making any kind of mess.

VooPoo Argus E40On the other hand, we did experience some e-juice leakage or spitback from the mouthpiece of the vape. You need to be careful not to overfill the pod, or you might get some occasional vape juice when taking a hit.

3.3 Kugadzikana

The Argus E40 is built like a tank. The plastic faceplate protects the screen, so it is highly unlikely to crack if the vape is dropped. The metal body is thick enough to withstand pretty much whatever you throw at the E40. If you pick up this device, you should expect to have it for a long time.

3.4 Ergonomics

Everything about the VooPoo Argus E40 is ergonomic. The body has no sharp features – it’s all rounded for your comfort. Both the metal and plastic are smooth and sleek, allowing your fingers to glide comfortably across the surface. The mouthpiece is plenty wide and tapered to accommodate ergonomic mouth posture for long vaping sessions.

VooPoo Argus E404. Bhatiri uye Kuchaja

The Argus E40 comes with a heavy-duty 1800 mAh robust battery with great capacity. On a single charge, the device can last for at least 12 hours of continuous vaping. If you are a high-volume user, you will enjoy the lasting power. After a day of vaping, the E40 was still going strong with over 50% battery.

VooPoo Argus E40

The charging port can be found on the bottom of the pod system for easy access. Charging is quick, taking around 40 minutes to reach a full charge.


5. Kudzoreredza KweKushandisa

The VoopPoo Argus E40 is not complicated to use. The replaceable pods come with pre-installed coils, so you don’t have to handle coils at all. When the flavor starts to turn, you just pop out the old pod and pop in a new one.

VooPoo Argus E40Anyone who is familiar with the basics of owning and using a vape can pick up the functions on this device with no trouble:

VooPoo Argus E40

  • Press the fire button 5x to turn on the E40.
  • Once the device is on, press the fire button 5x to open the menu. Press the button again to cycle between Puff Clear, Lock, and Power Off.
  • Press the fire button 3x to adjust the output power. The wattage number will start blinking. Press the fire button again to change the wattage.

5. Performance

When it comes to performance, the E40 offers an airy mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw that strikes a perfect balance. Even with the airflow slider fully closed, the draws are smooth, never feeling too tight or harsh. When opened fully, it mimics the draw of a traditional cigarette, making the vape an excellent choice for those who recently quit.

Even though the hits from the Argus E40 are airy, they are still impressive. Thanks to the high-quality 0.3-ohm and 0.6-ohm coils, each draw floods your senses with intense flavor and substantial vapor. These coils are the key to the warm, flavorful vapor that the device consistently delivers. Additionally, the auto-draw feature is finely tuned to be highly responsive.

VooPoo Argus E40

Longevity is another standout feature of the Argus E40 pods, which are designed to last longer. Whether you’re after big clouds or rich flavors, the Argus E40 can adapt to meet your needs.

7. Mutengo

The Argus E40 is available for pre-order now from VooPoo for $39.90 and will be launched on June, 20th. You can also find the vape available from other online retailers, including:


As far as pricing goes, $30-40 is appropriate for a device with an 1800 mAh battery, adjustable wattage, and top-tier durable construction. And as we mentioned before,  this device will last you a long time, so it’s more than a worthwhile investment.

8. Mutongo

Wrapping up the review of the VooPoo Argus E40, it’s evident that this vape is a strong contender in its category. It’s powered by a robust 1800 mAh battery that keeps up with even the most frequent users, offering long vaping sessions on a single charge. The design strikes a balance between stylish and sturdy, with its sleek, durable build and user-friendly features like the ergonomic shape and straightforward refill process.


Performance-wise, the Argus E40 is on top of its game. It offers smooth, adjustable mouth-to-lung draws that can even replicate the feel of a traditional cigarette, making it an ideal choice for those looking to switch from smoking. The long-lasting pods and high-quality coils ensure consistent flavor and impressive utsi production with every puff. Priced between $30-$40, it offers great value, blending quality, performance, and durability in a package that’s both attractive and practical.


If you’re in the market for a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience, the VooPoo Argus E40 is definitely worth your consideration!

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